A drone operator in China is in hot water after he filmed a close-up of a passenger jet landing at a major Chinese airport.

Chinese state media say a 23-year-old man has been detained.

“The drone ascended to 450 meters and filmed multiple scenes including several civilian airliners passing by. The aerial shoot lasted around 10 minutes,” reads a briefing from the Zhejiand Provincial Police. “Afterward, (the suspect) intercepted an eight-second part and uploaded it to a QQ group of aviation enthusiasts.”

DJI, China’s leading drone maker — and the manufacturer of the Mavic Pro drone, which was determined to have been the type used in the incident — released a statement that strongly condemned the actions of the user.

“Like other tech products, the safety of the drone mostly depends on user habit, safety awareness and a sense of social responsibility,” says the statement. “The behavior of operating a drone close to a civilian airliner is very likely to endanger public security, which is stipulated in the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. DJI solemnly reminds drone users not to cause severe consequences on a whim.”