A Seattle man is facing jail time and a fine of $500 for reckless endangerment after his drone crashed into a crowd during a 2015 parade, injuring a woman. The man is the owner of an aerial photography business.

While the Seattle Municipal Court judge acknowledged that the crash was accidental, he still felt that a punishment was in order, considering the 38 year old man “engaged in conduct that put people in danger of being injured,” the Seattle Times reported.

Although there have been a few arrests and fines associated with reckless drone flying in the U.S. in recent years, this appears to be the first time a pilot has been given jail time. Part of the reason for that is because laws around drone use are still being developed.

In the state of Washington, following a drone hitting the Space Needle, lawmakers are looking into drawing up regulations aimed specifically at drone users.

A similar incident happened in Quebec last year, when a woman was hit on the head and knocked unconscious while attending a sporting event. The unfortunate incident was caught on video.