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Using drones for you business? Time to make insurance your co-pilot

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or better known as drones, can be used for a wide variety of ways for both personal and commercial use. As they grow in popularity, many businesses and individuals alike have turned to drones to access opportunities that were never possible before.
Some industries include:
– Delivery of packages and ordered goods, such as Amazon’s new method of using drones to deliver packages to its customers
– News – news channels and other outlets are adopting drones to tack traffic, obtain images of events, etc.
– Photography and Videography – from filming commercial to real estate photography, from environmental surveillance to tourism!
– Agriculture – Farmers can use drones to monitor crop growth, track herds, and track irrigation demands over large amounts of land.
– Search & Rescue – Emergency Responders can be used to locate missing people, track and monitor surroundings, and can access dangerous locations.
– Hobbyists & Enthusiasts – Many people are gathering together to celebrate their love of flying!

Transport Canada Regulations

Transport Canada has particular rules and regulations regarding flying unmanned aircraft. For example, you cannot fly higher than 90 metres and cannot fly within 9 km of an airport. If you want to use a drone that weighs 25kgs or more, you will need to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate before you can use it. Drones that weigh between 2.1kg and 25kg might not require a Special Flight Operations Certificate if official exemptions are met. These exemptions include, but are not limited to, such things as age of operator, flight during daylight, keeping your aircraft/drone in direct line of sight and many others.
Transport Canada requires adequate liability insurance, regardless of the size of the drone. Transport Canada also advises a person or company must have at least $100,000 liability coverage. Since Transport Canada requires liability insurance for drone usage, flying without coverage could mean fines or penalties. Using a drone in an unsafe manner could result in local police being called in to determine if laws were broken, including privacy laws and the criminal code.

Why do you need coverage?

  1. Accidents can be expensive. Purchase insurance to cover the theft or damage to the drone and any ground equipment used to operate it, or any electronics or components (payload) carried.
  2. To protect your business from third-party liability. This includes property damage and bodily injury caused by the drone, premises liability at locations used in connection with scheduled aircraft, as well as medical expenses.
  3. Again, mishaps are expensive. Additional coverage extensions can help, which may include malicious damage, system hacking, and personal injury.
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